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Video Cases 2023

Transcatheter alkalinisation in patients with radiolucent lithiasis during hospital admission

Dra. Sara Esturo

Urinary pH monitoring in the medical treatment of CP lithiasis in patients with iDRTA

Dra. Paula Izquierdo

Prevention of recurrence of infective lithiasis in patients with bilateral pyeloureteral junction stenosis.

Dra. Maite Miqueleiz

Alkalinisation as a medical treatment for chorionic uric acid lithiasis

Dra. Lucía García

Chemolysis of uric acid lithiasis in a patient with crossed renal ectopia

Dra. Isabel Montuenga

Pharmacological chemolysis of uric acid lithiasis in a patient undergoing bariatric surgery and chemotherapy

Dra. Celia Abad

Pharmacological chemolysis of sulphadiazine lithiasis in a patient with cerebral toxoplasmosis

Dr. Borja Moraleda

ESWL on a calcified renal graft ureteral catheter in a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis

Dr. Andrés Calva

Recurrent infective lithiasis in patients with chronic kidney disease

Dra. Andrea Palacio

Use of Canoxidin® in a double J kidney transplant recipient with a tendency to calcification

Dra. Ana Ruano

Role of Canoxidin in the prevention of urinary catheter calcification in pregnant patients

Dr. Alvaro Yebes

Effective alkalinizing chemolysis in multiple uric acid nephrolithiasis and coralliform calculi

Dr. Alberto López

The importance of urinary pH monitoring in brushite lithiasis, a comprehensive approach to treatment and prevention

Dra. Alba Farré

Chemolysis of large coralliform lithiasis with Lit-Control pH Up

Dra. Isabel Mohedano

Recurrent prostatic cell encrusting lithiasis after Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP). Gradual resolution with urinary pH acidification.

Dra. Carmina Muñoz