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Video Cases 2022

Recurrent infective lithiasis - is it possible to overcome it?

Dr. Jesús Maqueda

Urine acidification as a measure to prevent recurrent encrustation of long-term urinary catheters.

Dr. Xabier Perez

Fouling pyelitis: importance of urinary acidification in its management.

Dra. Elsa Martínez

Prevention of nephrocalcinosis in distal renal tubular acidosis: a case report.

Dra. Blanca Gómez-Jordana

Alteration of urinary pH as an aetiology of granulomas in urostomised patients.

Dra. Leticia Ruibal

Oral and local chemolysis via nephrostomy for the treatment of radiolucent lithiasis

Dra. María Negueroles