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2022 Cases


Pharmacological chemolysis of uric acid lithiasis in a patient with Crohn's disease

Rosa Maria Gras Martínez

Renal lithiasis in transplant patient with Bricker ileal conduit urinary diversion

Natalia Herrera Aranda

New lines of treatment for the prevention of recurrences in infective lithiasis

Laura Prieto Matienzo

Lit-Control® pH up in the medical management of uric acid lithiasis

Hector Ricardo Ayllón

Combined oral and local chemolysis through nephrostomy for the prevention of encrustation of urinary catheters

Pablo Esteve Juan

Recurrent renal lithiasis due to Dent's disease

Miquel Amer Mestre

Is it possible to stop infective stones from growing only by controlling the urinary pH?

Belén Barba Córdoba

Medical treatment of staghorn uric acid lithiasis with Lit-Control® pH Up

Baraa Nakdali Kassab

Unusual case of renal vein and vena cava secunary to pyelonephritis due to ureteral obstructive lithiasis caused by klebsiella pneumoniae.

Darío Garcia-Rojo

Complete resolution of multiple nephrolithiatic pathology using conservative management with alkalizing oral chemolysis.

Cristina Calzas Montalvo